III-V Labs

The mission of III-V Lab is to perform research and development on III-V semiconductor components, and integration with Si circuits and micro-systems, from basic research to technology transfer for industrialization, or to small scale and pilot line production. III-V Lab takes advantage of the commonalities between the technologies developed for different markets addressed by Thales and Nokia, such as telecom, space, defence and security (for example, High bit rate Optical Fibre and Wireless Telecommunications, Microwave and Photonic systems for Defence, Security and Space). III-V Lab has also the capacity to produce and sell components (epitaxial wafers, processed wafers, modules) in small quantities (typically a few tens of wafers); this is one of its main business development axes. Its staff amounts to approximately 130 persons.

Infrastructures and Equipment
III-V Lab masters the different steps needed to manufacture III-V components from design to characterization. III-V Lab owns different growth equipments ranging from MBE machine Riber 49 used for the commercial fabrication of QWIP and QCL devices, to 5 MOVPE reactors. Its frontend technology is equipped with all the machines required for the fabrication of various III-V devices. For example, III-V Lab is equipped with state of the art UV lithography and electron beam lithography, metallization and etching equipment. Regarding the characterization, III-V Lab is equipped with different test benches able to fully characterize and qualify IR sensors and sources.