Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mikro-und Optoelektronik mbH (AMO GmbH)




AMO GmbH, a German (non-profit) high-tech-SME with approximately 40 employees, runs a 150/200 mm pilot line and specializes in R&D for micro- and optoelectronic applications. Our mission is to demonstrate innovative technologies for nanoelectronics and nanophotonics and their implementation in novel device architectures at a prototype level, including small volume fabrication. A broad base of advanced semiconductor process technologies is available and offered as foundry services. AMO’s main activities fall into the fields of graphene, opto-electronics and advanced lithography developments. A flexible optical characterisation setup is available as well as electrical characterisation tools for integrated electro-optical devices and modules, especially in Datacom setups. Fabricated devices and subsystems are exploited by AMO as a low volume foundry or transferred to key players in the field





Infrastructure and equipment:
AMO’s 400 m² cleanroom is equipped with electron beam lithography (Vistec EBPG 5200) and 6’’ i-line projection lithography as the basis of all nanostructure definition work. Several etching systems with process modules for low-loss photonic waveguides (anisotropic etching profiles, low sidewall roughness) in silicon as well as silicon nitride are operated. Furthermore, depositions tools (LTO, SiO2, TEOS) and sputtering tools for dielectric and metal deposition are available. AMO has dedicated test and analysis equipment for integrated optic devices. Specialized processes for the fabrication of low-loss silicon photonic waveguides have been developed and expertise in design and fabrication of photonic structures built up. Moreover, AMO operates optical characterisation setups and is capable of electrical as well as radio frequency characterisation of integrated electro-optical devices.