A great conference #ECOC2021 took place in Bordeaux in person 13-16 September 2021. This is the largest conference on #opticalcommunications in Europe, and one of the most prestigious and long-standing events in this field worldwide.
We are proud that MOCCA Consortium members had accepted papers at the #ECOC2021 and Prof.Misha Sumetsky was on the technical programme committee!




 Loredana Maria Massaro, presented the paper “Design of III-V/ Silicon Platform for Optical Frequency Comb Generation” at the conference Optique Dijon 2021

A new issue of MOCCA ESRs’ Newsletter has been published! Check it out at  In the newsletter MOCCA ESR’s talk about their projects and their work.







MOCCA ESR Loredana Massaro’s work can be now followed on Instagram !!!


To celebrate the IDL2021 MOCCA ESRs explain how their research relates to the concept of ‘light’: Check out AiPT brochure here









MOCCA ESR, Francesco Talenti, has published the article “Frequency comb generation in silicon nitride ring resonators with amplitude modulated pump,” Proc. SPIE 11672, Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XXIII, 1167206 (5 March 2021)



The Mini Symposium Parametric Interaction in Photonic Crystals will be held on April 27, 2021 remotely. The event is co-organized with EU-funded projects ECLAUsion and MULTIPLY.






On line lessons on photonics for high school students!

MOCCA ESRs Loredana Massaro and Francesco Talenti are organizing a series of lessons for Italian high school students. The first lesson (19 January 2021) was aimed at students of the high school “Liceo Visconti” in Rome. The objective of the lesson was to familiarize students with Photonics and in particular with frequency combs. Lessons are currently held remotely due to the Covid pandemic.



MOCCA Transferable skills workshop II will take place on March 22 -24, 2021, remotely

The Workshop will be focused on entrepreneurship skills, project management and science communication. It is organized by MOCCA and other sisters projects coordinated by AiPT: FONTE, REAL-NET and WON.




Alfredo De Rossi and Fabrice Raineri’s article “Photonic crystal optical parametric oscillator” has been published on Nature Photonics! More

The article can be read following this link



MOCCA Mini Symposium Semiconductor platforms for optical frequency comb generation will take place on December 2, 2020. The event is organized by MOCCA together with another H2020 ITN coordinated by Aston,POST- DIGITAL

The image is taken from: Chang, L., Xie, W., Shu, H. et al. Ultra-efficient frequency comb
generation in AlGaAs-on-insulator microresonators. Nat Commun 11, 1331, (2020)




The MOCCA Supervisory Board meeting took place remotely on November 25, 2020


    The 2nd-year MOCCA Workshop took place (remotely) on November 25, 2020. During the event MOCCA ESRs present the progress of their research. The event was joined by Dr. Piotr Cegielski (AMO) who gave a paper on “Integrated nanophotonic fabrication at AMO with SU8 photoresist”

The Mini Symposium1 “Introduction to Machine Learning was held on September 7-8, (on Webex). The event is jointly organized by MOCCA  and other ITNs coordinated by ITNs: FONTE, REAL-NET and WON.


MOCCA Mini Symposium1 “SNAP based optical frequency comb”  was held on September 10 (on Webex)


ESR3, Francesco Talenti, gave the paper “Control of Kerr Cavity Soliton Combs by Chirped Pumping” at the OSA “Non-Linear Photonics” meeting at “Advanced Photonics Congress 2020”. This took place on July 13-14, 2020. Initially planned in Montreal, the conference was held remotely due to the Covid-19 outbreak.


ESR2, Loredana Maria Massaro, presented her project at  ePIXfab, within the ePIXfab Silicon Photonics Summer School. The summer school was held online, on 15-19 June 2020.




MOCCA ESR Avinash Kumar gave a talk on “Integration of Graphene with Mid-IR Optical Materials & Far-Field Excitation of Graphene Plasmons”  at AMO (April 30, 2020)

MOCCA ESR Victor Vassiliev participated in an outreach event organized by the student branch of the Optics Organizations at Aston university

(March 2, 2020)


February 24, 2020: Outreach activity directed at ERASMUS Mundus students!

First-year MOCCA Workshop took place in Aston University on February 27, 2020


MOCCA Transferable skills workshop 1 took place in Aston, in February 27-28, 2020


First-year MOCCA Workshop took place in Aston University on February 26, 2020


Loredana Maria Massaro has joined MOCCA as ESR2 at CNRS (Paris)

MOCCA Workshop on Nonlinear Optical Frequency Combs: Dynamics and Applications

October 14-15 2019, Anacapri (Italy)


MOCCA Induction It took place in Anacapri (Italy), October 14-15, 2019