C2N-CNRS (Centre de Nanotechnologies et de Nanosciences) was formed in June 2016, via the merge of LPN-CNRS (Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures) and IEF (Institut d’Electronique Fondamentale). C2N-CNRS carries out research activities within the general context of nanosciences, at the crossroads of quantum optics and electronics, of physics, chemistry and biology, of materials science and device physics. C2N-CNRS aims at developing the new technologies and the concepts that will initiate innovation both in basic and in applied science. The institutes hires 120 full-time researchers and 80 engineers and technicians.

Infrastructures and Equipment

In 2018, C2N will encompass the largest cleanroom facility of CNRS (over 2900m²) specialised in semiconductor growth, micro/nanoprocessing and characterisation. MOCVD reactor, ALD deposition, electron beam lithography, plasma etching are amongst the equipment available for the project. Sophisticated continuous wave or fs optical pumpprobe experiments will be used to characterize the fabricated photonic devices.